Beware the Big Bloated Behemoths

Checking in with AdAge today and found this great essay about the bulk in “the big agencies.” Granted, the site is all about heralding the small shops, but this essay by Noelle Weaver, “Big Egos, Thick Bureaucracy, Tangled Business Pitches,” hits the mark on the main problem with the gigantaurs who have the big money. Weaver uses a recent job description sent her way by a headhunter as a launching point. It’s for a semi-creative position, but it’s so convoluted with different “reporting-tos” that you’d be apt to get a lasting headache long before you actually took the job. If you’re reading it and this stuff sounds familiar, maybe it’s time to move on. If you’re reading it and it doesn’t, thank your lucky stars and buy lunch for everyone in your small shop’s office.

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