Betabrand’s Latest Stunt: The Poop Emoji Shirt

poop shirt

Way back in May of 2014, we spoke to the head of advertising for Betabrand, a company known for earning attention via its ridiculous marketing strategies like, say, posting a bunch of crotch shots on Facebook to sell products.

Its latest stunt has earned coverage on — to name a few — Gizmodo, The Huffington Post, The New York Daily News…the list goes on.

What’s the key? Clickbait. We suppose that someone has shelled out $88 for said shirt, which even has a funding deadline(!). But the point, of course, is to inspire enough “WTF” reactions to raise awareness of the larger brand.

The “grab a meme and run with it” strategy doesn’t always work — but this one inspired an “Ew. Gross.” from the kings of men’s fashion at GQ.

As Julian Scharman told us back in March:

Fundamentally, our customers want bragging rights. Our goal is to give them killer products and present them in a way that gets them to take an action–whether that is to buy, share with their friends or both. You win either way.

So would you buy this shirt, bros? Wait, don’t answer that question: it doesn’t really matter anyway.

poop shirt 3

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.