The Best Social Network for Real-Time Marketing

Mindshare's Jordan Bitterman discusses changing campaigns on the fly


Who Jordan Bitterman

Age 41

New gig Chief strategy officer, Mindshare

Old gig Head of social, mobile and content, Digitas

What’s your new job all about?

The agency’s position is all about adaptive marketing—using real-time insights to drive real-time actions. How do we move swiftly, putting science, speed and culture at the forefront of everything we do?

What is adaptive marketing?

Real-time marketing became an industry buzzword. With one word, we changed it from “real-time” to “adaptive.” It’s not just about being in the moment, it’s making sure you’re ready to make decisions, armed with the right insights to act quickly and take advantage of the moment.

What’s an example?

We had a situation where one marketer wanted to create a response ad to one of their competitors. The competitor shot an ad and our brand—our client, along with us and another agency—very quickly created a response ad. It never ran on TV; we put it in digital channels. It was great, it was humorous, it was tongue-in-cheek, very on-brand, and it got 2.5 million views. So this is an example of being in the moment and culturally relevant. We got it up in two weeks, and it was inexpensive.

At Mindshare, you are creating something called The Loop, sort of war rooms for brands to see all kinds of social feeds and data streams to analyze their marketing campaigns in real time. What’s the idea behind The Loop?

Based on the data we are seeing in our Loop rooms, we can quickly make optimization strategies. The Loop rooms are good for tent-pole events like the Super Bowl, but they are also good for evergreens. If a client is launching a new product, we use it to launch the product; we make sure we align on what our mission is while we’re there.

How can you change a marketing campaign on the fly?

There are awesome new technologies that allow dynamic messaging changes in ads based on data feeds we have. We are able to take the foundation piece of video or display advertising and change up the offer or call to action based on data we are seeing in the moment.

How do brands best take advantage of cultural moments, like Oreo did with the Super Bowl blackout last year?

It’s planned spontaneity. Organize a team so that it’s ready to roll when it has to. It’s like working at a firehouse—your boots are always right by the truck.

Which social network is most in the moment for real-time marketing?

Twitter is still the best real-time way to explore what’s going on in the moment, but that doesn’t mean brands or people don’t need to use multiple platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare, depending on what you want to accomplish.

What’s your secret obsession?

I’m attached to my BlackBerry. I love sending email the old-school way. In the elevator the other day on BlackBerry, someone looked at me and said, “Better enjoy it now because it’s going away,” and that sent shivers up my spine.

What was the best job you’ve had—before this one, of course?

Working in the office of press advance at the White House during the first two years of the Clinton administration. Marketing a president is pretty dynamic, and it might have been the first adaptive marketing I engaged in. It gave me preparation for what we’re doing at Mindshare.