Afghan Teen Headed to the Oscars Hopes to Meet Sylvester Stallone

When 14-year-old Fawad Mohammadi boards the first of several planes in Kabul on his way to LA for the Academy Awards, it will mark the first time he has flown on a commercial airliner. Once he lands in Hollywood, he’s hoping for two prizes: the Oscar for Best Live Action Short and an encounter with Sylvester Stallone.

Mohammadi is set to represent Buzkashi Boys. Per a Canadian Press write-up, he and same-age co-star Jawanmard Paiz will be escorted through the proceedings by their Afghan-Canadian director Ariel Nasr and filmmaking partner Sam French:

The trip will cap off an unbelievable journey for Mohammadi in particular, who was selling maps as a street vendor in Kabul to help feed his family when he was cast for the short film…

“He had a kind of unbreakable spirit, he had a real sense of joy, especially when he was performing,” says Nasr, who is based in Montreal. “He wants to meet Sylvester Stallone, he loves Rambo III.”

The Academy should definitely make that happen. And those first airline flights for Mohammadi may well be more exciting to him than the Oscars when all is said and done, as he aspires to become a pilot.

Pictured (l to r): Paiz, Mohammadi