Best Cubicle Contest Winner Makes Us Look Bad


From our friends at Fortune, we learn that a winner has been picked for their best decorated cubicle contest. Stanley Bing has an interview with Nancy Hwang, who “foiled” her workspace. Although we promise we had nothing to do with this inventive effort, the winning entry is closer to us than you think:

The owner of this truly remarkable workspace is Nancy Hwang, associate director of the Job Board at, an essential online destination for people who either have a great job in the media, want a great job in the media, or want to read about other people who have a great job in the media and feel consumed with bitterness and jealousy. This makes the site a must read for ambitious, upwardly-mobile careerists in virtually every aspect of the global media circus, from old platformers in publishing to the coolest of digital/interactive space cadets.

Here at the UnBeige cubicle we’ve found no reason, really, to make any improvements to our office furniture aside from swapping out our cardboard box desks a few weeks ago when they became too weak from spilled Diet Coke. Even the the beanbag chair we share has served us well for the past year and a half. But it’s really depressing to us that the associate director of the Job Board’s cubicle is now (literally) outshining the design bloggers’ cubicle. We’re definitely gonna get teased around the watercooler today.