Bernie Sanders, Regular Guy, in People Magazine

"Believe everything you've seen on Saturday Night Live."

“When we pulled up to Bernie Sanders’ home,” begins People writer/reporter Sandra Westfall, describing in a video what went down behind the scenes of a photo shoot and magazine story on the presidential candidate, “there was nothing to suggest a future would-be-president was there.”

She means this not as a dis, but in a Sanders-as-everyman kind of way. “The senator was at the kitchen table with his iPad and a cup of coffee,” she continues, “[he] showed us around: ‘here’s the bathroom, you guys need anything’ as we set up.”

That initial impression continued throughout the interview, from Sanders’ interactions with his grandkids, to what is quickly becoming an indelible image of Sanders scooting away to finish his laundry.

Aside from Sanders the family man, wood chopper, frugal spender, there is one other image of the candidate that struck Westfall. “Believe everything you’ve seen on Saturday Night Live,” she says. “The family is just as convinced he’s a dead ringer” to comedian Larry David, who played Sanders to great effect on SNL.

The full interview will be in this Friday’s print issue.