Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate Next Up in LEGO’s Architecture Series

Though not yet officially announced on LEGO‘s site for their Architect and Landmark series, several plastic brick-tracking blogs in Europe have gotten a sneak peek at the company’s next release in their popular Architecture line. Taking a break from modernism, as well as leaving US soil for only the second time (the first was for the Burj Khalifa model), Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate looks to be the latest to get the LEGO treatment (for the second time, really, considering a brick-based version of the Gate appeared in this 2009 campaign by the company). The kit has unexpectedly shown up at the LEGOLAND in Manchester, UK, as well as a brief mention in in-store calendars at the company’s retail outlets, stating a planned, worldwide release of sometime in September. According to a scan of the box by Brothers Brick, the Brandenburg model was again designed by Adam Reed Tucker, who has created the whole of the series thus far. You’ll find an incredibly thorough review of the new kit, and tons of photos of both the box and the entire construction process, at Eurobricks. Unfortunately, in their scoring for Playability, they’ve given it a 0/10, further adding, “Not for playing – don’t give it to a child you love.”