Aviation Journalist Muses About Orville Wright, Electric Typewriters

The Daily Princetonian interviews "aviation queen" Benét Wilson.

BenetWilsonPicBenét Wilson (pictured) was one of three journalists who took part in a recent Princeton University discussion about diversity in the newsroom. Student newspaper The Daily Princetonian has a good summary of the event. They also took the opportunity to separately interview Wilson.

Wilson, currently a freelance aviation journalist, explains how she came to be known by the nickname “aviation queen” and also drops a couple of reminders of the span of her career. Asked about the importance of social media, Wilson takes a fun step back:

“It’s interesting because I started my career on a typewriter. I literally went into a newsroom, first job out of college, and they were excited because they had just gotten electric typewriters.”

Those were the days; when newsroom folks were excited about electric typewriters rather than referral-spiked traffic reports. Wilson’s career took a fateful turn in 2011, when she was laid off from Aviation Week & Space Technology. Just how long has that particular publication been in existence?

”It’s been around so long that Orville Wright was a subscriber.”

Wilson, who sits on the board of the National Association of Black Journalists, recently met with her mentored group, who asked for advice about breaking into journalism. When The Daily Princetonian posed the same question, she refers back to what she told them.

Photo via: aviationqueen.com