Meet the Cast of K-Town

Here’s a reminder of just how embedded Twitter has become in the whole reality TV media mash.

We’re still two months away from the debut of K-Town, a YouTube reality show centered around some colorful denizens of LA’s Koreatown district. But already, in a press release dispatched in support of an announcement made today at New York’s Internet Week, there are the Twitter handles of all the show’s main participants. They include:

@JASMINECHANG089: A hairstylist who was born and raised in Koreatown. Whether it’s her platinum blond locks or her loud infectious laugh, Jasmine is the undeniable center of attention wherever she goes.

@Scarlet_Chan (pictured): A former exotic dancer who is sexually liberated and not afraid to express it. Scarlet is a self-admitted troublemaker who is introduced to the Koreatown scene by her close friend, Jasmine.

@JoeKtownCha: As the owner of Reflective Productions, Joe runs the biggest Asian nightclub in all of Los Angeles, which positions him at the epicenter of the K-town nightlife. Joe is weighed down by the pressures of the competitive Koreatown party scene while simultaneously juggling family responsibilities and his intense gym routines.

It’s definitely a brave new marketing world out there. The only line of dialogue teased in the trailer for the show is a penis-size taunt. Meanwhile, Ms. Chan’s current Twitter profile reads as follows:

Bought out House wife who cooks, but not clean. Who rather goes to the gym then suck your cock. My tweets are NSFW… so consider yourself warned.

Roger that. K-Town, produced by actor Tyrese Gibson, will debut July 2 on LOUD, a YouTube channel operated by Ben Silverman’s production company Electus.