Ben Kingsley Expands Upon His Mother’s Profound Disapproval

In the spring of 2010, UK journalist Cole Moreton shared a rather startling interview with Sir Ben Kingsley. The actor, speaking in the pages of the Daily Mail not long after the death that year of his mother Anna Lyna Mary (nee Goodman) at age 96, candidly revealed her pathological inability to show affection for her children and give them any approval.

He pantomimed her dismissal of his British knighthood after it was awarded at Buckingham Palace in 2002. And this week, Kingsley went a little further, filling in the blanks of this unbelievable, ultimate slap. From the actor’s interview with Hollywood-based Filipino journalist Ruben Nepales:

Ben revealed a side story about becoming a knight. “Then [after the ceremony], my mother refused to acknowledge my knighthood, which I found bitterly hurtful. Life is all about balance, isn’t it? That wonderful woman (Queen Elizabeth II) had said, we accept you and love what you do, but my mother refused to acknowledge that it had taken place. She was embarrassed, bitter and jealous. That’s the whole story. I have never told it before.”

An inner strength shines through all of Sir Ben’s great performances, and evidently, a son would need that in spades to overcome, as Kingsley has, such a hurtful, dysfunctional mom. Read the rest of the latest interview here, which also includes a great story from Sir Ben about a Google-search obsessed recent young co-star.
[Fall 2010 Leicester Square photo of Kingsley: Chris Harvey/]