Ben Domenech, Pt. 2?

Has everyone calmed down yet? Is everyone happy? Are bloggers happy to see their efforts rewarded? Is the Post happy to have Domenech off of their roster? Is Domenech glad to (perhaps) have the spotlight off him (reputation be damned)? Have the ethics of journalism prevailed? (Is Regnery Publishing perhaps the most pissed about this, having to now wonder whether they also should continue to employ Domenech?)

Even though dust hasn’t settled yet, it’s never too early to ask an all important question:

Who would make a good author for the Red America blog?

Liberals won’t get any credit for criticizing Red America for simply being, well, red (unless, of course, the folks don’t also balance it with a Blue America). Before the plagiarism revelations surfaced, the best arguments against Domenech addressed the fact that Domenech’s political philosophy/tone/comments didn’t rise to a level commensurate with (what ought to be) the Post’s standards.

No doubt Jim Brady & Co. are weighing this very question even as we speak. Maybe we can help him out and send some suggestions:

Email us at fishbowldc AT mediabistro DOT com with nominations for a suitable conservative Red America blogger.

>UPDATE: Wonkette already has their recommendation.