Belkin iPod shuffle Adapter Lets You Use Conventional Headphones

Photo courtesy of Belkin

While I admire the micro-electronics involved in Apple’s latest control-less iPod shuffle, I’ve been a critic of its “headphone tax” since its introduction. The iPod shuffle’s lack of controls means that you need special headphones with controls in order to use the device. I called this an iPod shuffle headphone tax since you can’t use your favorite conventional headphones with the shuffle. You either need to use the ones that come with the shuffle or buy a new set. Belkin helps address the issue of wanting to use your existing headphone of choice…

Use Any Headset with Your iPod shuffle with Belkin’s New Headphone Adapter

The device cost $19.99. So, there’s still a “tax” involved. But, it does give you the convenience of using a set of headphones you already own that you like and find comfortable.