Belkin Case Turns iPad into a Home Theater

Device case maker Belkin has introduced a new iPad case that includes built-in speakers designed to enhance the sound quality from the device.

The Belkin Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater, which the company announced today at CES, connects directly through the iPad dock connector and ports the sound through the case’s built-in front-facing speakers. Mobile audio company Audifi designed the speakers. Users can control and customize the audio through the free Thunderstorm app. The case is available for both 30-pin connectors and lightning connectors for $199.

“The iPad is known for its brilliant, high-definition display that enhances the video quality of your favorite movies, shows and video games, but the audio quality sometimes doesn’t match the visual experience,” explained Nate Kraft, director of product management at Belkin, in a press release. “With the Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater we are looking to provide the immersive, powerful audio experience missing in the iPad, so you can listen to your content the way it was meant to be heard.”