Belchfest 2006–Let the Good Times Roll!


FBLA stands for good taste. If we’re ever vulgar, it’s intentional. In the spirit of the season, we invite our readers to the first-ever online belching competition–Belchfest. From the press relesae:

Beerfest fans are being challenged to take their love of carbonated beverages to the next level and “let ‘er rip” for the webcam. Once the belch has been uploaded, online viewers will vote the clips thumbs up or thumbs down.

The 5 entrants with the loudest, most outrageous burps will receive an iPod Nano, just in time for the holidays, courtesy of LiveDigital and Beerfest.

This is all for the DVD release of the hit comedy Beerfest (has anyone seen this?) and fans of Beerfest (all 6 or 7 of them) can upload videos to Belchfest through December 14.

FBLA wishes we had ProTools–bigger and better belches could be ours.