Being Tina Brown

Ubiquitous Di chronicler Tina Brown, despite her best efforts, is still subject to the laws of Nature. We cannot fail to note, though, that those British expat journos — think Christopher Hitchens, re: Mother Theresa and the subject of atheism — are extraordinary in their book-timing. Still, Nature, thoroughly immune to the peculiar charms of the publishing industry, operates on a time frame all its own. From the Post:

TINA Brown and her hubby, Sir Harry Evans, may be all wet – unless the village of Quogue does something fast. Evans says erosion along the beach in front of his and Tina’s posh Dune Road home has gotten so bad, it’s ‘an increasingly large and menacing element.’ The Southampton Press reports Evans has begged local pols to approve a plan to install tubing and add more sand to the coastline before there is ‘grave damage to our considerable amenities.”’

Considerable amenities = extra copies of The American Century.