The Many International Voices of George Clooney

Shutterstock_GeorgeClooneyLast week, it was an Indiewire “Project of the Day.” This week, thanks to public-vote support, Being George Clooney became the site’s “Project of the Week,” alongside a separate write-up in The Hollywood Reporter.

When your Kickstarter project revolves around the charismatic bachelor-king of Hollywood and features his full name in the title, it’s almost guaranteed to be The Perfect [PR] Storm. Even more so when the idea at the film’s core is so genuinely appealing:

Helmed by Paul Mariano, the co-director of documentary These Amazing Shadows, the film explores audio dubbing of Hollywood films for foreign markets by visiting the men who are the international voices of Clooney. Among them are a German actor, a Brazilian ER doctor, a Japanese man who studied to be a lawyer and a children’s book author.

Among the higher-end Kickstarter perks already claimed for this crowd-funding campaign is one at the $5,000 level. Sometime this summer, at least one donor will get to experience the general realm of the Clooney dub step:

Spend time in a dubbing studio in Los Angeles with the film’s director where you will audio dub your favorite scene from your favorite movie. Work with a dubbing director and a sound engineer. Argue about “the right way” to do the scene. See and experience the process first hand and take home a copy of your dubbed performance. Travel and lodging not included.

P.S. The idea that Clooney, an actor who was launched by the NBC-TV series ER, is now being dubbed in one international market by an actual ER doctor is almost too much for us to wrap our heads around.

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