Beginning To Grasp Radical Craft

Art Center Conference moderator John Hockenberry wheeled onstage with his definition of the Radical Craft concept, as pictured above. “It may not look radical now, but after a few days under these lights, we’re all going to see some Radical Kraft.” He proceeded with a hilarious interpretation of PowerPoint Craft that we imagine to be better than anything David Byrne or Al Gore could engineer.

Dan Neil, Pulitzer Prize-winning automotive columnist for the LA Times, opened the Vehicle Craft portion of the morning, with an animated survey of automotive innovators (hacked hybrids, jet engine Beetles, fuel made from dead cats). If you’ve been tinkering with your Prius on the weekend, keep this in mind: if you can produce 10,000 vehicles that get 250 mpg, the XDrive competition will award you $25 million.

Looking for Neil’s latest column, we stumbled across the LA Times report on the “puzzling” nature of this year’s lineup. We realized that everyone’s picking up on the Radical Craft portion of the title, ignoring the part that defines it perfectly:

Hearing these stories, straight from the source, are what we’re looking forward to the most.

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