Before Writing a Social Strategy, Think About The Blog

When developing a corporate social media strategy, it’s important to ensure that there are processes in place to allow the social media communities to scale over time.

It’s also important to ensure that there is a training system in place for employees who will need to be taught best practice for maintaining social media communities.

But taking precedence over your social media strategy should be the development of the blog strategy and how it will fit with the coming social media strategy.

Many companies use their social media communities as a platform for content distribution, including content that they produce on their own websites and blogs.

Blogs and social media communities rely on each other to be successful.

If you have a well-liked blog with engaging content that offers something unique, then the success will facilitate the growth and success of your social media communities. People will want to join and become a part of the blog’s community.

It also works the other way around: If you have built a successful online community around a concept/idea/product, then it will make the launch of a blog more likely to be successful because the pre-existing online community will be driven to the blog.

The blog should never be taken for granted. There’s a world of difference between a well-written and informative blog post (and a talented blogger) and a just-the-basics blog post written by someone who doesn’t feel invested in the topic or the community he or she is trying to build.

As corporate blogging has evolved and matured, it has adopted a some of the same standards that were established years ago. But it takes relatively little effort to forget that and go down a dark path where blogs are poorly written and the blogger doesn’t have a clue, or simply doesn’t care.

Ultimately everything comes down to the blog and content strategy. If you have a good blogger, or blogging team, and a good content strategy, then you’re giving yourself a head-start when it comes time to develop and implement the social media community strategy.

Photo credit: Sue Richards/Flickr