Become A Citizen Journalist – SPJ Offers Training

There’s been some talk about whether it might not be easier to teach web-savvy citizens the principles of journalism than to teach principled journalists how to use the Web. Maybe that’s why the Society for Professional Journalists has been offering a series of Citizen Journalism Academies across the country. This is the program’s second year, and there’s one Academy left—in Minneapolis. Topics covered in the one-day workshop include:
Journalism ethics.
The basics of media law.
Access to public records and meetings.
Standard and responsible reporting practices.
The use of technology. We’ll show you an array of tools you could start using—or continue using more effectively.

You can sign up here.

We asked SPJ president Dave Aeikens if these workshops weren’t just a secret ploy to get more people to buy memberships to the society. His response: “Citizen journalism is not going away. So we want to make sure those who are doing it understand the basics, the ethics and the laws. We (pro journalists) will all be better off if everyone who is practicing journalism is doing it well.”

Well said. In a perfect world, pro journos will be able to quote blogs with reckless abandon. But we’re still not sure it’s not a conspiracy.

(Here’s a piece from the Chicago Tribune about one such session last year: sounded pretty informative.)