I Don’t Want To Be A Product Of Twitter – I Want Twitter To Be A Product Of Me

When they first sign up for a service like Twitter, many people have an overwhelming desire to quickly be accepted and fit in.

This is normal to a point, but it can mean mimicking those around you, or seeking out and clinging onto the advice of a guru (who is anything but), which in turn can lead to adopting bad habits and sloppy practices. Innocently enough, of course, but that doesn’t make this course of action any less ill-advised. Or unremarkable.

It’s OK to want to be accepted, but not at the expense of doing something exceptional, and making your mark. Separate yourself from the pack, and be unique.

Be different.

Believe me, there’s enough of everybody else on Twitter for YOU to stand alone, and to not be part of the crowd. And really, when you think about it, why would anybody want that? Safety in numbers? How about being invisible, lost amongst the ever-expanding herd?

Have the guts to be yourself. All those other, lesser roles have long been taken. And with any luck, you might just inspire somebody else to be different, too.