Battle Continues For Top 10 Most Influential DC Twitters

Earlier this week we shared with you a certain Politico’s picks for the Top 10 Most Influential DC Twitters.

Webnewser brings to our attention that the LA Times’ Top of the Ticket blog is out with their own take on the list, based on the numbers. Using the tracking service Twellow, they give us these top ten:

1. NPR Politics
2. Ana Marie Cox
3. John Dickerson
4. John McCain
5. NPR News
6. George Stephanopoulos
7. Jim Long (and this is where we tell you Jim is part of the TVNewser Summit Panel on the New Tools of the Trade)
8. Obama News
9. Karl Rove
10. Casey Wach

We thought about creating a Top 10 Least Influential DC Twitters, but quickly scraped the idea after realizing we’d sadly have to crown ourselves number one on that list…