Batman Fans Get Chance to Fight Their Hero

Reuters reports Batman fans inspired by his latest box office hit can bam and kapow alongside the Caped Crusader and other superheroes with the launch of the world’s first licensed massively multiplayer online comic book game.

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) is using this week’s mammoth Comic-Con International show at the San Diego Convention Center to introduce the “DC Universe Online.”

This massively multiplayer online game allows players to create their own superhero or super villain and work in tandem with iconic characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and bad guys like Bizzaro, The Joker and Lex Luthor.

“Comics dominate the pop culture landscape today,” said comic book legend Jim Lee, who serves as executive creative director of “DC Universe Online” and is an artist for DC Comics.

“As comic fans, we’ve known since we were little kids how great comics are. With this game, we have the opportunity to show everyone else how cool the DC Universe is.”

Although the game won’t be shipping for PlayStation 3 and PC this year, an early build of the action-packed game, which focuses on Brainiac attacking Metropolis, is playable at six kiosks on the show floor.

SOE Austin, a unit of Sony Corp., is developing the game in tandem with Lee and a collection of DC Comic writers, which will allow for unique crossover opportunities between mediums.

“We’ll coordinate things across print and online,” said Lee. “If we have a big storyline happening in the summer, you might see that in the game later. I have a staff position at DC and we have a short list of characters that we’ll update first in the game and then in the comics.” Reuters has more