Is Batch for iPhone the Easiest Photo Grouping & Sharing App?

Michael Arrington doesn’t hold back his enthusiasm for yet another iPhone photo sharing app. Could this photo sharing app deserve this attention when compared to the dozens of other such apps already available? Maybe.

“Batch” May Be the Perfect Mobile Phone Sharing App (No, Seriously)

Batch is not a replacement for apps like Instagram. Its main function is to quickly and easily choose photos from an iPhone photo album and share them as a group via email, Twitter or Facebook.

I tested Batch by sharing six photos on Facebook. Batch uploads the photos to its own storage facility, not Facebook’s. A status update was then posted to Facebook from the app. One shortcoming for Facebook users is that the app does not provide a thumbnail image to represent the batch of photos. Clicking on the batch link in a Facebook status sends you to the photos stored on One feature Facebook users will appreciate is a Facebook authentication is needed on to see the photos. Photos can also be made visible without authentication if desired.

Batch for iPhone is the simplest way I’ve seen to select, upload and share a group of photos so far.

You can find the free Batch app in the iTunes App Store.

Batch (iTunes App Store)