Fish Food

(A sprinkling of what we think you ought to know…)

Boyle Bullied At American U?Breitbart News‘s Matthew Boyle claims that as a grad student at American University, his professors would “intimidate” him for having conservative opinions. “They held me to different standards than anybody else in the program because I was a conservative,” Boyle told Campus Reform, a conservative news outlet that reports on college education. Boyle said he was “graded on a different scale than everybody else.” Boyle doesn’t provide any specific examples of the discrimination he says he faced. Though, in the video interview, he says “a perfect example” was a 2010 Time magazine cover that asked “Is America Islamophobic?” Boyle says he questioned the article’s premise in class. But that’s it. He doesn’t say how his professor retaliated. He simply says any suggestion that the country is afraid of Muslims or that the Tea Party is racist is “bunk.” Mind you, this is the same Boyle who cried “assault” when a bodyguard for U.S. Virgin Islands Gov. John de Jongh held him at bay.

National Journal says Rick Perry was just “ahead of his time”— Texas Gov. Rick Perry‘s bid for the Republican presidential primary was a bust, mostly because he could barely string a sentence together in the debates and because he did things like mistakenly refer to Solyndra as a country. Even so, NJ is out with a story by Michael Catalini that calls Perry “a candidate ahead of his time.” Ray Sullivan, Perry’s former chief of staff told NJ, “I could easily see him seeking another term as governor and making another run at the White House.” Covering our eyes now.

Bash v. Bachmann Round 2— It’s about time someone set up a high heel race between CNN’s Dana Bash and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.). It’s been less than a year that Bash pounced on Bachmann on Capitol Hill. Both scooted along at nearly 5 mph as Bash tried to ask Bachmann about suggestions she previously made that an assistant to former Sec. Hillary Clinton might have anti-American Muslim ties. On Tuesday it was round two. Bash staked out a spot on the Hill to tackle Bachmann as she passed by. Again, a 5 mph high heel race took place, Bachmann balancing an apple on top of a book in her hands, Bash trying to speak and catch her breath at the same time. Bash asked Bachmann about recent claims she made at CPAC regarding frivolous expenditures at the White House. Bachmann asked Bash why she was focusing on her inaccurate claims that Obama has a paid dog walker and film handler over a September terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, which resulted in the death of four American officials. “Congresswoman, but you’re the one who brought it up,” Bash replied. And with a whoosh of the hair, Bachmann was gone. A segment on it appeared on CNN’s “AC 360” earlier in the week. Bash remarked that Bachmann is usually relatively polite. Seeing as Bachmann is avoiding the national media like the plague these days, as reported by Roll Call, she probably wasn’t too ecstatic to face Bash on just about anything.