Baseball Orders A-Rod’s Rep to Snitch

Yes, it’s Halloween, and yes, baseball season ended last night—but there’s some serious drama going on in the Alex Rodriguez case. This week, Major League Baseball subpoenaed A-Rod rep Michael Sitrick of Sitrick & Company, famous for boosting the profiles of shamed stars like Michael Vick. They’re trying to force him to say that he knew what he knew when he knew it about Florida steroid shop Biogenesis.

More specifically, they want him to hand over documents that he and Rodriguez supposedly took from the owner of the company, then pitched to Yahoo Sports in an effort to both obstruct the investigation and smear other athletes who did business with Biogenesis, thereby mitigating the damage done.

That didn’t work so well since Rodriguez is the only subject of the current steroid crackdown to fight the charges. He now insists he never stole the documents, and it doesn’t look like MLB has conclusive evidence that he did.

This is both a legal issue and an ethical issue, but those phrases have different meanings for someone like Sitrick, who has built his reputation on an ability to polish even the foulest client to a golden sheen. If that’s gonna be your shtick, this is one way to go about it. But if we were, say, someone who wanted to earn the genuine respect of the public rather than squash a lawsuit and sail into the sunset on our yacht while giving our former fans the middle finger…