Barry McGee’s Beautiful World


Saturday steered us quite fortuitously towards the opening of “Do Not Stack,” a show at Roberts & Tilton that features portraits by a few of the artists from the “Beautiful Losers” exhibition, plus a very special installation by Barry McGee. We also bumped into our BFFs from Beautiful/Decay, whose name, coincidentally, is inspired by an interview with Barry McGee back in the day.

barrymc1.jpg barrymc4.jpg

To take a peek inside McGee’s head, we ascended the ladder (custom-crafted for the show) and just so happened to find ourselves in a tiny room with Aaron Rose, curator of “Beautiful Losers.” He snapped the top shot of the Q-Bert-ified space for us. Rose told us he’s heading up a new ANP Quarterly blog over at RVCA along with the always entertaining ANP editor Brendan Fowler. In fact, Fowler seems to be so entertaining he and his band BARR will be giving some sort of live performance at Art Basel Miami this Sunday. Oh, how we shall pray for video.