‘BarbieStyle’ Joins Instagram; Let the Product Placements Begin


Today, fashion’s top title alerted us to some completely unsurprising news. Everyone’s favorite fake blonde has created a new Instagram account to help her better embody the role she was born to play: fashion critic.

Yes, we occasionally read Vogue. Shut up!

Anyway, she’s sharing her style pics with the world now — and she brought some of her favorite brands along.

You noticed the yellow bag, right? No coincidence there (it’s a Coach).

What’s the ROI on a BarbieStyle Instagram placement?

She’s not just repping fashion brands, either:

She even called out a journalist:

So what’s this relationship all about? The Elle piece mentioned in the ‘gram above doesn’t tell us a whole lot, but we don’t think we’d call it “earned” media.

The Huffington Post claims to be “thrilled” by this development, and somebody is certainly paying attention — 22,000 followers in less than 24 hours is impressive even by fake celebrity standards.

All the press mentions note that this launch comes just in time for New York Fashion Week (which may have lost some of its PR luster in recent years). So will Barbie manage to increase media coverage of the event and the brands she chooses to bless with a plastic thumbs-up?

How would one pitch Barbie, anyway?