Barack Steady: Obama’s Design Wins


The standard disclaimer applies: We at UnBeige do not endorse political candidates (unless they buy us stuff off our Amazon wishlist) and we are not a partisan organization (unless you count our steadfast Scientology affiliations).

We’ve touched upon reviews of the Presidential-hopeful logos before (back when Newsweek invented the typeface Ventura). But over the weekend, as we were analyzing the outcome of Iowa caucusing and preparing for tomorrow’s New Hampshire primarying, we had the same realization that Armin Vit had over at Speak Up: Barack Obama‘s identity has evolved into a real winner:

From the day this logo was unveiled I received many e-mails asking whodunit and commenting how much they liked it and how different it was from all other Presidential candidate logos. Ever. The logo was designed (jointly or separately, depending of what you read into each firm’s blurb) by Chicago-based Sender LLC and mo/de: “We were looking at the ‘o’ of his name and had the idea of a rising sun and a new day,” explains Sol Sender, “The sun rising over the horizon evoked a new sense of hope.”

Vit focuses on the “______ for Obama” banners that can be found in the People section of his site (also pretty nice), which each seem to be a subtle but considered branding exercise. We’re not sure where he stands on No Spec or anything, but how soon before we start seeing some “Designers for Obama” banners?

Update: Prescott Perez-Fox posted a very funny response to the post: