How to Spot the Banksy B.S.

In light of a fake news article being widely shared on social media about the arrest of street artist Banksy, the International Business Times’ Ewan Palmer has some critical advice for Facebook and Twitter users:

All readers need to do is check: A) Does the article appear on National Report? and B) Is Paul Horner mentioned anywhere in it?

Actually, since Horner also likes to attach his Web journalism pranks to the byline Jimmy Rustling at Super Official News, folks need to double up on this front.

When Horner – likely not his/her real name – shared the same goof last spring, an upstart Tumblr user allegedly tracked it to the Arizona desert:

Paul Horner is real. He lives in Phoenix and runs “a Web design company doing graphics, SEO and other Web related stuff.”

In 2013, sites like Jezebel were duped. This time around, the damage seems to be limited to Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps Horner should start calling himself “Pranksy.”

P.S. Another sure sign of a fake journalist is major-awards discrepancy. On the National Report end, Horner claims to have won a Pulitzer and a Peabody, whereas his superofficialnews bio lists three 2007-2009 Pulitzers.

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