Banksy Complains About Vanina Holasek Gallery…But For Real?


Anymore, you read a Banksy story and you’re just skeptical right off the bat. Such is the case with this story, by way of Art Info, about the high-profile artist releasing a statement saying that the much-publicized exhibition in New York, at The Vanina Holasek Gallery, is not an authorized showing of his work. But really, when you hear anything from the guy, do you believe it? What better way to get some renewed press by saying something like this? Or maybe it’s an artistic statement asking what art is truly “authorized”? Whatever the case, our heads hurt just like they did whenever we’d go to parties with art students in college. Here’s a bit about the whole thing being legit, if it is:

“This kind of thing is inevitable,” Paul Stolper a London print dealer said. “Once the work is out there, the rules of the art market apply. There’s money to be made.” Artists are not able to declare secondary sales authorized or not: “You can understand the dealer for doing the show and also Banksy’s reaction,” he said.

A spokeswoman at the Vanina Holasek Gallery, contacted by telephone, would only give her name as Maria and said of Banksy’s comments: “He’s probably right.” She refused to say more.

Of course she did.