Baltimore Sun’s TV Critic Hearts C-SPAN

heart-9.jpegPretty soon we’re going to have to add C-SPAN to the Pledge of Allegiance because news people are literally falling in love with the network all over the place.

First, it was MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who was happy as pie when the network recently fixed a tape for her, finding missing footage she wanted. This week’s praise comes from Baltimore Sun TV Critic David Zurawik Wednesday in which he devotes his entire column to C-SPAN.

He writes: “President Barack Obama broke his campaign promise to re-invent healthcare in full view of the C-SPAN cameras …
…But that hasn’t kept C-SPAN from doing everything it can to help voters understand how the sausage of healthcare legislation has been made this year. Day and night, 24/7, if the House or Senate was doing business on healthcare, C-SPAN was there getting as close as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi or Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid would let the public service channel get with its cameras and microphones.”

In this next part he may go a tad too far with effusiveness, but the man really digs his C-SPAN:
“I have listened to committee debates and floor fights live and in replay at midnight and 2 a.m. so many nights I cannot count. Weekends, too. And I have never felt myself taken so deeply inside Congress as C-SPAN took me on this watershed legislative journey.”

Now that’s a lot of time with C-SPAN.

C-SPAN Spokesman Howard Mortman isn’t surprised by the love. “Many years ago, a columnist said, “C-SPAN’s like Church. I don’t go every day, but I’m sure glad it’s there when I need it.”