Bad Photos Makes the Internet Sad


We know you’re bored. It’s Friday afternoon, you’re at work. You’re bored. Everyone is. So why not do something constructive with your time and post some thought-provoking comments to this potentially interesting, thought-receiving post, “Product photography on ecommerce sites or How to be different online.” One of those things we hadn’t given much thought to, but it’s something that web-centric people should be spreading around so it eventually gets through the layers of cotton in clients’ ears. Here’s a little bit from the post that got the discussion started:

I am constantly amazed by the quality of product photography online. It’s despicable. Someone could literally make a business out of fixing the poor product photography and post-editing on ecommerce sites. But nobody would hire that person because apparently nobody cares. Why is it that people will pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for ecommerce web site creation yet they won’t spend a nickel on good photography?