Bad Kitty, Bad!!!

Meow!StickCatBluePillowCaseGlowintheDark.jpgEons–it seems–ago, we came across STEP Inside Design Magazine‘s December issue devoted to overlooked women in the graphic design industry. The cover was covered with kitties. Cute little kitties. The idea being, some inferred, that women are sort of like kitties. Cute, until they claw, scratch, maim, destroy, all for that next shot at the mayline. We remember a bit of an outcry at the time; Folio Magazine’s onto it now. Dylan Stableford wrote and then sent us the latest on what’s up with the magazine. Turns out women don’t so much like to be compared to kitties.

“Congratulations on degrading your well-written, well-researched articles with a cover that portrays these hard-working, intelligent, and creative women as a bunch of adorable, cuddly and nonthreatening housepets,” one reader wrote in a letter to the editor. Wrote another: “I was shocked and greatly disappointed. In fact, my response was visceral to the point of nausea…STEP has shown itself as a magazine short on integrity and depth. I have canceled my subscription.”

Yeah!! Girl Power!!!!!