Bad Job Descriptions Hurt Everyone: Be Smart!

The recession is making it easier to attract top performers. Don’t need to tell you that. But, having said that, does that mean you have the right to ask for computer Jesus? Not if being too picky (unrealistic) means that you’re making it all but impossible to find the right candidate.

Seattle-based recruiter Kristen Fife has some examples from the tech world where the hiring manager didn’t really think about what was realistic…or even possible.

“There was the “CIO” position calling for a high school diploma and two to three years of experience. He actually emailed the company and found out it was a startup with fewer than six employees. They were really looking for a network admin and thought a flashy title would attract someone entrepreneurial.”

“What about the global telecom company that was looking for a software manager who had a requirement of ‘5-7 years experience using .NET 2.0 or above.’ …The hiring manager wanted someone with at least five years of experience with .NET 3.0. But 3.0 has only been around for three years or so.”

Why do I feel like this will become more common in our industries? I haven’t seen a posting for “Social media guru with 5 years of Twitter experience” yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was right around the corner.