Back from Cuba with Icograda Tales to Tell


Our friend and intrepid explorer, Maggie Macnab, sent us a note, alerting us to her full report of the recent Icograda event she recently attended. But it wasn’t just any event, it was the Icograda World Design Congress in La Habana, Cuba. Although she doesn’t explain how exactly she got over to the country (nor any mention of the goods she might have brought back with her), she offers up a terrific tour of the conference, noting most of the more interesting events she attended, complete with some really great samples of some of what was on display, having arrived from more than fifty countries in total. Here’s from the intro:

The last week of October I had the extraordinary experience of attending the Icograda International Design Congress in La Habana, Cuba. Over 600 designers, teachers and related professionals gathered from 57 countries to discuss the current state of design, how we teach and how we learn. Cross-pollinating ideas between peers always infuses creativity, but Cuba provided the unlikely backdrop of international connections within a communist country. There was no visual pollution from advertisements (although there was a minimal amount of political propaganda, it was nothing like what we Americans wade through every day), no storefronts other than a few bars, restaurants and hotels (no McDonalds, Starbucks, or Gap — a very different experience for the majority of us regardless of country), and very little traffic because few can afford to buy and fuel a car. Minimal visual noise provided focus, and the radically different culture submerged us in non-linear thinking.