Babble Picks Up Pieces From Crumbled Cookie is feasting on the crumbs left by Cookie, the monthly for well-heeled moms that Condé Nast shuttered earlier this year.

The hipster parenting site hired former contributing editor Laurie Leibovich as its No. 2 editor and has begun to run some of its unpublished pieces. CEO Rufus Griscom said that while “there would be no $300 cashmere onesies in Babble”—Babble being more mainstream—the two brands shared an overlap in sensibility. “Cookie was the only other game in town that took journalism seriously,” he said.

Babble, which was a finalist for a National Magazine Award for general excellence online in 2008, also is collecting ads and audience. Monthly uniques hit 3.5 million in October, up 351 percent year over year, per comScore, making it still small compared to Disney and
Nickelodeon’s sites but putting it ahead of magazine Web sites of Parents and Parenting.

Recent new clients include Toys R Us and Pampers. A Facebook app and interactive tools, it hopes, will continue the growth spurt.