AZN Cable Network Folds

0130azn.jpgAnother cable network has kicked the dust. AZN Television, a network aimed at Asian-Americans in their twenties & thirties, has just announced they are closing up shop. The Comcast-affiliated network airs on Channel 581 on Time Warner Cable New York and tried to be all things to all people — Chinese, Japanese, Korean, South Asian and Southeast Asian-targeted programming all regularly air on AZN. It’s a shame they’re closing… it was good to have a cable source for Bollywood films and Hong Kong action flicks. According to Michael Huh of ImaginAsian Entertainment, which airs ImaginAsianTV, a different Pan-Asian television network (ch. 560 on Time Warner Cable New York):

“Although the news of AZN’s closing is disappointing, there are very few in the industry who were surprised. Like ImaginAsian, AZN had a mission to serve Asian Americans and those interested in Asian entertainment and culture. There is a tremendous market for this type of content and while looking to serve this vibrant audience, both television networks have raised awareness of Asians in this country and in the media industry. There is still much work to be done, and ImaginAsian, with its growing base of quality strategic partners in Asia and the US, will carry on and continue to grow the marketplace representing all things Asian.”

No word on layoffs or job losses as of yet.