AvantGuild: Top Freelance Writers Share Their Secrets

Some freelancers get all the luck. Or maybe it’s not chance that explains why that guy has a cover story in GQ and you’re scrambling for a 150-word blurb in Maniwaki Monthly.*

Well, now you’re in luck, because Mediabistro spoke to top freelance writers and asked them what it is that makes editors call them up. Here’s a few tips, but you’ll need to read the whole article for more:

“Pay attention to formatting.” Daniel Duane, contributing editor for Men’s Journal, contributor to Bon Appétit and New York Times Magazine, and author of several books, bought any magazine that he was interested in writing for. “I think there were a couple of years where I probably subscribed to 15-20 magazines at any time,” he said. “It’s not like I read every word of every one, but every single one that came, I read the table of contents, looked at the format of the stories and thought about the format. You want to be able to develop that feel….You will have communicated something neat, which is ‘I get it.’ That alone is a big success, just to show that you’re really paying attention.”

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*Not a real magazine, as far as we know.