AvantGuild: How To Research A Potential Employer

It’s not all digging through Dumpsters for court records and chatting up the janitor as s/he leaves the building, but it may as well be: knowing as much about your potential employer as possible before going into the interview not only gives you an edge, but it helps you decide whether you even want the job.

Today’s AvantGuild article explains exactly how to find out more about that company that looks so perfect on paper: through the company website, social media, and Google alerts.

“‘Those [Google] mentions can be of great importance or some obscure detail giving insight into culture and mission,’ says [resume writer Dawn] Bugni. ‘The obscure also makes for great interview fodder. “I saw your CEO won XYZ Golf Tournament for ABC Charity. I volunteered with ABC back in high school. What a small world!”‘ Again, a great conversation piece as long as the news is positive.”

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