NYC Trip Scuttles Woman’s Chance to Meet Her Idol Oprah

Kat De La Fuente still can't quite believe the details.

KatDeLaFuenteBioImagine for a moment – assuming this is not already the case – that you worship Oprah Winfrey. E.g., she’s a major reason you got into the media business. E.g.g., her talk show is an active source of professional inspiration.

Now… Imagine that this same Oprah person suddenly, inexplicably materializes outside your office. And you. Are not there. To answer. The door.

This is essentially what happened to Kat De La Fuente (pictured), one half of the Web interview series World Wide Kat. De La Fuente was in New York City last Thursday when, at around 10:30 p.m. PT, a black SUV with passengers Ava DuVernay and Oprah pulled into her Santa Monica office complex parking lot. (DuVernay has a suite in the same complex, and was being dropped back off to her car. And though it may sound strange, De La Fuente would have otherwise been there at that late hour too.)

To make matters cosmically just a little bit more cruel, it’s only because De La Fuente’s World Wide Kat partner Maxwell Lloyd was sitting at her desk at that time of night, with the lights on, that he could be spied from the outside by DuVernay. Leading the Selma director to knock on the door and ask if Oprah could use the facilities.

An Instagram photo of Lloyd posing with Winfrey has led to coverage by Page Six, Access Hollywood and several other outlets. But many write-ups are missing the bigger picture. The story here isn’t that Max met Oprah. It’s that Oprah never met Kat!

As Lloyd told us via telephone, his personal media idols are named Larry David and Mel Brooks. He has tremendous respect and admiration for Winfrey, but it is De La Fuente, returning home to Los Angeles tonight, for whom Oprah was the opportunity of an imagined lifetime.

Here’s a sample episode of the multi-lingual World Wide Kat. More can be found here.