Automotive Design Student Face Virtually Nonexistent Job Prospects

Okay, back to the gloom of normal life (wasn’t that two post break nice?). This time, we turn to the unfortunate students who are enrolled in automotive design programs throughout the US. Now that they’ve spent years studying how to craft cars, they’re finding that there probably won’t be any work once they’ve graduated, particularly with any American automakers (our visit with GM executives a while back who spoke endlessly about refocusing on design probably have had their eyes affixed on other issues of late). What’s more, the students know their grim prospects as their annual design shows have been left almost completely recruiter-less. Their only option? To take their design education and try to apply it to other outlets, like product design:

At Thursday night’s Art Center show, Sean Whang, who moved to Southern California from Seattle to get his degree, presented a car model he imagines for a Japanese anime character. But his display included the redesign of a blow-dryer.