Author Sandra Brown Thinks eBooks Pricing Needs Work

Romance/Thriller author Sandra Brown appreciates eBooks, but not the pricing. In a panel at Thrillerfest today, the author said that while she owns a Kindle and likes how convenient it is to read eBooks, she feels guilty not paying enough.
“The huge downside is that they didn’t start charging enough, it should be closer to hardcover pricing,” she said. “I almost feel guilty when I download a book from a colleague, because I know how much blood sweat and tears went into that. I would pay more if they charged more.”
Brown does think that eventually the industry will get it right though. And while for her nothing will replace the feel and smell of a book, she hopes digital books will get a younger audience to read.
“When I grew up my parents didn’t want us reading comic books because they weren’t considered real books,” she said. “But when I was raising my kids I was like, ‘I don’t care what format you read, as long as you are reading.’ This is the new comic book.”