Author of ‘Risky is the New Safe’ Recommends Being Your Own Sports Agent in Your Career

Wondering how to stand out in the job market? Randy Gage, author of Risky is the New Safe, recommends being your own sports agent.

He told us, “The most sought-after currency in the new economy will be ideas.  People who nurture their critical thinking skills will be able to declare as ‘free agents’ much like sports stars do now.  The savvy companies will be those with HR departments that create the best free agent acquisition packages, attracting the brightest talent.”

So, why is it in our best interest to do this, you wonder?

Mainly to take charge. And this relates to continuous learning and training as well. “People have to take charge of their own learning, because the current education model is built on memorizing facts and telling people what to think, not how to think.”