Columnist Mr. Smarty Pants Rolls On

Educating Austin Chronicle readers since 1988.

NewYorkerSmartyPantsIn the July issue of Bay Woof, a San Francisco magazine for dog lovers, Mr. Smarty Pants focuses on canine factoids. Of course.

But in his weekly trivia column for the Austin Chronicle, which he has been writing since 1988, anything goes. Here’s some cocktail party ammo from his latest:

Back in the Twenties, if a man was called a “cake-eating bimbo,” that meant he was a macho ladies’ man. Later, however, “cake-eater” became slang for homosexual.

One of our favorite things about Mr. Smarty Pants, a.k.a. R.U. Steinberg, is his attitude towards the Internet. His official URL no longer works; and by the looks of things, he hasn’t tweeted in several years.

We also love the fact that at the archive end, you can type a word into the “Fact O Matic” to pull up a random smarty bit. Here’s what FishbowlNY got when the query was ‘journalist:’

Franklin Pierce Adams (1881-1960), American journalist, poet, and humorist, was the first to coin the phrase “wine, women and song.”

[Image via: The New Yorker archives, February 28 2011 issue]