AUO Shipped 400 Thousand Sipix Screens In 2010

AUO, manufacturer and developer of screen tech, released some details today on how many Sipix screens it made last year. According to my source, AUO made 400,000 Sipix screens, which gave it about a 4% share of the 10 million epaper screens made last year. The other 90% plus was made by E-ink, of course. AUO also stated that it expects to ship between 3.2 and 4 million screens in 2011.

The Sipix screen was originally supposed to be released in April, but it was delayed until August due to quality control issues. It was widely touted as being a competitor to E-ink screens, but I don’t think that will happen. The Sipix screen is a noticeably inferior product when compared to an E-ink screen. This is a topic I’ve covered before (over on my blog), so I won’t repeat myself here.

So, AUO believes that E-ink made nearly 10 million screens last year. I believe them. This niche in the screen industry is small enough that they all have a good idea about what the other is doing.