Attention New York City Dwellers: It is Safe Once Again to Purchase an iPhone from AT&T

Potential iPhone buyers in New York City can breath a sigh of relief. You can once again buy an iPhone there…

NYC iPhone Fraud Epidemic Solved! AT&T Web Site Selling iPhones to New Yorkers Again

I confirmed this for myself by using the 10101 ZIP code into AT&T Wireless’ website and was shown iPhone models as part of the mix of phones available there.

All Things D (see link above) notes: What’s perhaps most astonishing about the episode is how willing people were to buy into the idea, put forth by Consumerist, that AT&T had actually stopped selling the iPhone online in Manhattan because of data congestion issues. That such an idea is even plausible to people is truly a sad comment on the quality of AT&T’s network in the city.

Quite honestly, with all the problems I hear about people in NYC having with AT&T’s network and AT&T’s own whining about the stress iPhone users place on their network, the network congestion theory sounded plausible to me too.

The actual reason for pausing iPhone sales in that area is, well, vague to me. I don’t see any official news in AT&T’s press release stream. And, the reports about online fraudulent activity and modification of promotions sounds odd to me.