AT&T Slowly Building Out Small Metro WiFi Hotzones: Did They Also Build Out the Data Backbone Between Hotspots?

AT&T’s 3G network is the butt of jokes, blogger insults, and Verizon commercials. Given finite resources (billions of dollars), it may be unfixable because of the daily wireless data assaults from iPhone and iPad 3G users. So, what can AT&T do? So, what can AT&T do? They’ve done some silly things like try to make customers with poor network coverage pay even more for a microcell with an additional monthly fee. But, the move to expand their WiFi networks is not something I categorize as silly.
AT&T Expands Wi-Fi Hotzone Pilot Project to Additional Cities
Building up metro-area WiFi is, in fact, a reasonable strategy given the difficulty they have in shoring up their 3G network. AT&T started with Times Square in New York City and are now expanding this service to downtown Charlotte North Carolina and plan to coverage some part of Chicago in the near future.
The question is: Has AT&T provided enough of a backbone network to serve these WiFi hotspots? If not, the congestion will just shift from 3G to WiFi “Hotzones”.