AT&T Says No New iPhone in June/July Timeframe & Why This Makes Sense

Apple has released a new iPhone model in the June-July timeframe every year since 2007 when the first iPhone was released. I’ve been watching the rumor mill rotate through a variety of rumors about the next iPhone model’s release date. The two prevalent rumors are a September 2011 release or no new iPhone in 2011 (unless you count the Verizon CDMA iPhone 4 or white iPhone 4).

The Pendulum Swings Again: Rumor Renewed-iPhone 5 in September

One constant in these rumors is that it a new iPhone will not be released in the usual June-July timeframe. MacRumors reports that one person (so far) was told by an AT&T customer service representative that Apple that a new iPhone model will not be released in June or July.

AT&T Rep: Apple Has Told Us No New iPhone in June or July

The customer service person could be in error, of course. But, a September 2011 release date for an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4G make sense. Here’s three reasons why launching a new iPhone in September makes sense:

  1. The CDMA iPhone 4 became available to Verizon customers just last month (Feb. 2011). A new iPhone 5 in June, less than 6 months later, would be sure to annoy more than a few Verizon customers.
  2. The iPod line, including the iPod touch, has traditionally been refreshed in the Fall time frame. This would bring the release of the iOS based iPhone and iPod touch in synchrony for the first time.
  3. There’s been speculation that Apple would release an a 3rd iPad model, perhaps with a 7 or 8 inch display, later this year. Releasing it in the Fall with other iOS devices would distance it from the March iPad 2 launch.And, it would provide an all-new line-up for the 2011 holiday buying season.