AT&T Dumped Google for Yahoo. T-Mobile Dumped Yahoo for Google

We learned earlier this week that AT&T is making the puzzling move of replacing the Google search engine with Yahoo’s the first Google Android phone available on their network.

AT&T Doesn’t Need an iPhone Killer, But Why Mess Up the Motorola Backflip (Android)?

T-Mobile, on the other hand…

T-Mobile USA Says They Ditched Yahoo For Google Because Consumers Demanded It

T-Mobile’s web2go portal is available on 94% of phones sold by T-Mobile. So, this is an across-the-board change (not just one device). T-Mobile’s switch makes a lot more sense to me than AT&T’s. In the quoted words of a T-Mobile exec: if the consumers say they like Google, we’ll give it to them. That seems like a good reason to me.