AT&T DriveMode for BlackBerry App Reduces Phone-caused Distractions While Driving

AT&T appears to believe that teenagers’ phone of choice is a BlackBerry (8xxx and 9xxx models). At least that is one possible theory based on the release of an app for BlackBerry phones that automatically sends customizable replies that the recipient is driving and unable to respond.

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The app, when activated, also disables email, incoming and outgoing calls and web browsing for the while the phone’s owner is driving. The idea is, of course, to remove distractions that can be caused by any of these communication event types.

The app also provides a number of exception settings:

– Allow List: Five contact numbers that are allowed when the app is driving (roadside assistance, family, etc.)

– 911: Dialable from the home screen

– Music and Navigation: One app of each type is allowed to be run while the DriveMode app is active.

You can find this free BlackBerry app at:

ATT DriveMode (BlackBerry App World)

Video courtesy of ShareATT